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Kassem Mosse

Kassem Mosse. What a name. Sounds subterranean, cavernous, outlandish. And so is his sound. Gunnar Wendel AKA Kassem Mosse has made himself a name with his downright excellent release on Workshop. Very nice of him to do a mix for us. Be sure to check it out, it’s a dark, jacking and mesmerizing trip deep down. Not for the faint of heart? It’s a lovelee day…


  1. Howard Thomas – Untitled – Sound Signature
  2. Lords of Afford – Wasteland Britain – Sabrettes
  3. Baby Ford & the I-fach Collective – Tea Party – Playhouse
  4. Lenell Stevens – Curly Warp 94 – Djax-Up
  5. Hieroglyphic Being – Kilometer Zero – Apnea
  6. Various Artists – 8 (Ae Mix)  – Fatcat
  7. 2ls – Circulation – Warp
  8. Alter Ego – Lycra – Harthouse
  9. Alois Huber – Ezk – Sabotage Rec.
  10. Blaze – Lovelee Dae – Eigth Miles High Mix
  11. Tim Harper – Earthquake – Djax-Up
  12. Patrick Pulsinger –  Care – Disko B
  13. Acid Scout – Balance – Disko B



  1. Beau Bullet

    Wow! Quite a surprising drift towards more uncompromising selection from the mighty Kassem Mosse. I’m loving it! thank you

  2. FeelSurreal

    This blows me away…

  3. ship of crystal


  4. great mix!

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  6. Stunning, love how Kassem highlights records that have quite possibly been long forgotten, like Weatherall’s Lord’s of Afford alias and it’s always great to hear ‘Lovely Dae’. Really cool work here people.

  7. This is genuinely one of the best and most unique mixes i’ve ever heard. Kassem Mosse is doing new things

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