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Anton Zap

Continuity is a virtue. But it’s somewhat coincidental (early delivery) that we welcome Anton Zap in our midst right after his brother-in-music Jus-Ed. Having emerged on the scene only two years ago, the young Russian producer has been responsible for a couple of cool releases that have updated the deep house formula with that touch of Russian melancholy. His offering for ROOF.FM is no exception here: drenched in lush harmonies, Anton’s mix flows by as if in a dream.



  1. Jenifa Mayanja  – Time waits for no-one – BuMako
  2. Oscar Barila – Utopia – Parquet
  3. Blunt – City Rain (Cv313′s Reduction Mix) – Dpress Industries
  4. Hugh Masekela – Morola
  5. Thomas Fehlmann – Strahlensatz – Kompakt
  6. Dj Sprinkles – Reverse Rotation – Mule Musiq
  7. Danieto – Tres – impar net label
  8. AntonZap – Alice Miracle – Uzuri
  9. Rare Moods – Soul Mates – Comet
  10. AntonZap – Bye – Unreleased



  1. Excellent. Loving this.

  2. is it possible for a new link to materialize? download limit seems to have been reached.

  3. It’s up again.

  4. very very good and deep stuff…lovin’ it!
    check my blog for same stuff:

  5. this mix is rotating in my car for weeks now.. caant get enough!
    wow man!

  6. Housetunes

    Any chance of a re-up on the download – really want to get on this! Thanks in advance!

  7. Housetunes

    Got the download – Cheers! Can’t wait to give this a listen. Keep the good work up Roof!

  8. Kris Adams

    Any chance of updating the link? Seems to have expired now…

  9. Link is working fine.

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