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Arto Mwambé

I confess: In the early summer of 2005, a record fooled me. Entitled “Girl, You know it’s Arto Mwambé”, it had a low-pitched voice chanting “Cryptoniiite toniiite” over a wicked bassline. Which somehow convinced me that here was an African producer working out the funk in minimal land. Well, in retrospect it seems all so obvious: Arto Mwambé was not some aspiring Burundian producer to peddle the Berlin clubs. It was a practical joke. A tongue-in-cheek-Milli-Vanilli project. By CB Funk and Philip Lauer. And five years later, I’m very glad to see that the two of them have not lost their appetite. Least of all on the dancefloor.


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  1. i really appreciate this mix, it’s just way off the hook.

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