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Big Strick

Two years ago, Omar-S appeared on Roof.fm. The mix, which is available here, still sounds fantastic. While we were doing a phone interview back then, Alex O. Smith was actually driving to work with his race-car-like-sounding vehicle and nearly got into a car accident because he was seemingly puzzled for a sec by one of our questions… Detroit! Let’s keep it there: This hi-tech soul mix is from Alex’ cousin Big Strick who has released two fine EPs on FXHE. When we called Leonard Strickland earlier today, it turned out to be his 40th birthday. What a happy coincidence. Congrats! We’re looking forward to your album, Leonard.



  1. can a nigga a tracklist pliz thank you peace.

  2. loving the mix.. big up FXHE!

  3. High Tech Soul my a–, this is Deep!

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