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When it comes to deep house, Demetrio Giannice is surely one of Switzerland’s most dedicated proponents of the scene: The Zurich artist has immersed himself knee-deep in the disco-heritage from NYC and Chicago. 2009 saw the advent of a wickedly warbled stunner by the name of «Talk», while his creative mingling with Chez Damier manifested itself both on his vinyl-only imprint Enterbt Records and on Anthony Pearson’s Balance Alliance. This will surely be getting bodies twitching: Demetrio moulds tracks by Kenlou, Prince, Joe Clausell and DJ Duke into a soulful and raw mix.


Demetrio, there’s a healthy dose of funk and jazz in your mix. What formed you musically?

Phew, there are so many influences. I guess the funk soul of Neapolitan guitar players like Pino Daniele was important, being a guitar-player and all. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Jimmy Hendrix, of course, later on George Clinton. But when I heard Todd Terry’s Royal House album «Can you party» for the first time, I just knew: That’s the thing I want to do.

You turned quite a few heads with the peculiar sounding «Talk» track on Third Ear. What’s the story behind that?

It’s sort of a weird poem, you know. Friends of mine recorded the vocals around the year 2000 and left them to me. Five years later, I completed the track, and another five years later I put the track on my Myspace page. Guy McCreery from Third Ear immediately found out about it and was interested. Prior to release, I slowed down the tempo considerably, the original was at 130 BPM. I guess it’s a cool track, but in a way it’s been released much too late…


«Adventures in Barcelona» is your joint venture with Chez Damier. Catchy name…

After two years of e-mailing back and forth, Chez and I met for the first time in Barcelona during Sonar in 2009. We were doing this party in a club, but the monitor speakers were totally shitty, we were basically ripped off and more or less thrown out at the end of the night, while another booking got cancelled in the very last minute. Just like that. Everything went wrong in Barcelona in those days, hence the name. Apart from meeting Chez, of course. Straight after that we went to Zurich and recorded the tracks, which later came out on Balance Alliance.

You’re running Enterbt Records, which is only available in physical form. Do you consider yourself a vinyl purist?

I would definitely say I am a vinyl lover, but I’m not a fundamentalist. It can happen that I play unreleased and rare tracks on CD. I have to say that the thought of launching a separate, digital division of Enterbt has crossed my mind. But I don’t think I would ever do a 1:1 transfer of the vinyl releases – the digital sublabel would be rather issueing stuff on it’s own.

When I heard Todd Terry’s Royal House album «Can you party» I  knew IT: That’s the thing I want to do.

What does the future hold for Demetrio Giannice?

Lots of things, really, I spend a lot of time in the studio right now. Third Ear will release a new EP called «Slow», a record I’m really proud of. On Enterbt, there’s another mini sampler in the making, an EP with a track each by Marcello Napoletano, Gabriel Roth and me. Also, there’s some new stuff for Balance coming out in the near future.



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    Dope Mix!! Thank you Roof.FM

  2. Glad you like it, buddy!

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