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Eddie C
7 Inches of

Eddie C is something of a late bloomer: After having been behind the decks with adroit for almost two decades, the Canadian’s first record was released last year only. Since then, Edward Currelly has taken the fast lane to success: His ten releases on the lovely 7 Inches of Love imprint (which he co-runs with Canadian disco-bro The Mole), Jisco Music, Karat, Wolf Music or most recently on Kolour Recordings have earned him the tagline of being the “Canadian crown-prince of downbeat disco”. Does the man live in Berlin like so many of his fellow Canadian artists? Quite the opposite is the case. Eddie dwells in the hinterland of the Rocky Mountains. We trust it was this lush ambiance which inspired the deep and serene flow of Eddie’s techno mix – no downbeat disco, that is.



  1. Whoo! Thanks for this one. I’m digging Eddie’s music for some time now and I can’t get enough of his DJ mixes. Thanks again Björn.

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  3. Nice to hear so, Tim!

  4. Wonderful…Will there be a playlist?

  5. I put a playlist on my blog.


  6. Beautiful photo of Banff by Brena Currelly:)

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