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When having to pick the favourite track of the year, what would be your criterion of choice? Complexity, composition, freshness?  We like to keep it honest (and voted thusly in this year’s Resident Advisor poll): It’s about that feeling we get on the dancefloor. The spine-tingling experience. The hands up in the air thing. The fucking euphoria. Which doesn’t cease to hit us after playing “Same Old Place” by Gothenborg’s Genius of Time for the umptieth time. So we’re extremely happy and proud to end our year here at Roof.fm with a very special silvester special: Recorded on Christmas eve at an underground location in Geneva, Genius of Time garnered a thousand and one whistles and yeahs for their live performance. The fucking euphoria. A toast to Genius of Time, let 2011 be their year!



  1. Yessss!!!!

  2. Fuck yessssss!

    TC Crew – I Can’t Do It Alone (Genius Of Time Rework) is so awesome!!!


  3. Top!
    How we like it.

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