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Is there any better way than to begin the year with a promising newcomer? ROOF.FM is proud to present Okinawa’s Asano Iori. I came across him by virtue of his fabulous “Galaxy” (there are still a few copies out there, also check out Iori’s recent Prologue release): A simple but beautiful dub techno piece, creating a great vibe with its askew chord patterns. It is no surprise then that Iori’s mix is exploring that deep-space, the topology of which was blue-printed by Basic Channel. Add Kenny Larkin, Reagenz, Levon Vincent or Cio d’Or to that, and you get an idea. Yes, we still like it raw, deep and slightly eccentric here, and that’s how it’s gonna stay in 2010: Keep jammin’ with us. With grooves from the ROOF.


  1. Kenny Larkin: Butterflies
  2. Reagenz: Keep Building (with Fred P)
  3. Julius Steinhoff: Something Like Wonderful
  4. Jeroen Search: EARTH
  5. Levon Vincent: Double Jointed Sex Freak (B1)
  6. Sigha: Rawww
  7. The Godson Ⅱ: Good Kiss ( Ron Trent Mix)
  8. DJ Sprinkles: Grand Central (MCDE Bassline Dub)
  9. Tadeo: Cosmos
  10. Cio D’or: Pailletten (Sleeparchive Mix)
  11. Khibr: Fairies
  12. Cyrus: Inversion
  13. Cio D’Or: Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy mix)
  14. Oni Ayhun: Ony Ayhun 03 B1



  1. thanks roof fm for shedding light on iori, really loving his stuff! mix is a fine thing, too.

  2. Really loving this mix dude. good work. anything or anyone from prologue gets a big thumbs up from me!!!!!

  3. The Godson Ⅱ: Good Kiss ( Ron Trent Mix)this is a fantastic track. i have one copy on vinyl never seen another or heard any other dj play this before. top stuff

    if anyone jnows where i can download as mp3 or wav let me know

  4. Rush Hour just re-released it. According to Christiaan MacDonald from RH it’s vinyl only. For now, at least.

  5. excellent mix & track selection. never heard of him before, but i’m really enjoying every single minute. thanks for sharing roof fm!

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