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Jeroen Search
Figure SPC,

Jeroen Search has always cultivated  an unadulterated love for techno. Minimal techno, that is. The Dutch producer sees himself in the tradition of Robert Hood, the originator of this so utterly misinterpreted dance genre. Search’s puristic path – he sticks to analogue equipment – has led him to put out releases on his own label Search, Jeff Mills’ Axis realm and more recently on Hamburg’s Smallville or Len Faki’s Figure SPC. Presenting previously unreleased stuff, Jeroen’s ROOF.FM mix is an airy yet cavernous summer round-trip: It will have you dance in your livingroom as if you were on that mountain slope, that secluded bay, that grand forest clearing.



  1. Dimitri Angélis & Jeroen Search – Planet Shed – Unreleased
  2. Dimitri Angélis & Jeroen Search – Our live with the Wave – Smallville
  3. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased
  4. Noah Pred – Nomadic – Immigrant
  5. Dimitri Angélis & Jeroen Search- Induction – Smallville
  6. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased
  7. The Previous – Arrow – Design Music
  8. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased
  9. Jeroen Search – Module – Figure SPC
  10. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased
  11. Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant – Purpose Maker
  12. Jeroen Search – Radiate – Figure SPC
  13. Kikoman – Frigid – Deep Fried
  14. Robert Hood – Red Passion 1 – Duet
  15. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased
  16. Robert Hood – In Basements – Logistic
  17. Jeroen Search – Untitled – Unreleased


  1. fantastic mix!!!

  2. Thanks for the new mix. I look forward to Jeroen getting some of these tracks released as they sound great!

  3. Have many of his records! Thanks for the mix.

  4. Where can I download this mix, as it is expired?

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