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Edward McKeithen is not only a prolific and very-much-in-demand producer, he also hosts his regular Underground Quality radio show in New York. And NYC underground radio is where it’s at: Jus-Ed infused his soulful mix for ROOF.FM with the arresting charm of his voice. Dedicated to the people on the roof as he likes to have it. Well, the rooftop boogie people bow their heads to Mr. McKeithen. How could we ever forget about the “sexy side of this thing” called house music? Check it out: You better get that feelin’.



  1. Can you publish a playlist, pleeze..

  2. Jdenner

    Smooth mix, thanks ROOF.FM! Does anyone have a clue what the track playing around minute 20 is?

  3. Very nice set by Edward!

  4. It’s from Makam, New York Hustler EP, Sushitech Purple. I’ll try to get a complete tracklist by ED. Hopefully up soon.

  5. thanks for this. building some quality here. respect.

  6. thorben

    since the set was part of the uq show in myhouse-yourhouse.net, you might find some track infos here:
    big ups to pinky who records and tracklists every show of the master.

  7. The file has expired.
    Can you re-up please? Really looking forward to this.

  8. It’s up again…

  9. Thanks Roof.fm for all the great dj sets and props to Jus-ed for spreading the deep beats worldwide.

  10. @ Bjørn: thanks, on the download right now + the Anton Zap mix. Keep ’em coming.

  11. Hands down the best deep house mix that I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks!

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