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Kai Alcé

The house music of Kai “KZR” Alcé is an intimate affair: So sweet, quirkily melodic and, well, deep. So recognizably Kai Alcé. The Atlanta producer has developped his unique voice with a dozen of releases on his own NDATL imprint, Mahogany Music or the Real Soon imprint. KZR’s mix for ROOF.FM will take you back into Garage territory, via that stellar LCD Soundsystem song, a Deelite classic and good old Herbert.



  1. Lollipop – Kai “KZR” Alce
  2. GivinUSumthinMore – Nikki O
  3. Feeding (Andrés Remix) -KZRC
  4. Lies – LCD
  5. Creative Sadness (Omar S Revisualization) – KZRC
  6. What Is Love – DeeLite
  7. Here I Am (Jimpster Mix)- Seal
  8. Take Some Time Out – Arnold Jarvis
  9. Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush’s Classic Sax Mix) – Kai Alcé feat Azulu Phantom
  10. Talking With Myself (Larry’s Late Night Piano Mix) – Electribe 101
  11. Earthly Delights – A Man Called Man
  12. Love’s Paradise (LH’s Original)- Shelby Johnson
  13. No Power – The Rurals
  14. Goin Round – Herbert
  15. Look At What We’ve Done – Phil Asher
  16. New Life (Blaze Mix)- Ruffneck
  17. Simmer (Trini’s BeatDown Mix)- Peven Everett
  18. A1 – Music Institute 20th Anniversary Pt. 2 of 3


  1. amazing mix! thanks a lot.

  2. wow. Kai alce. thanks kai and roof.fm!!!

  3. outstanding mix!!
    dying to know the id of the gem starting at 26:35 – incredibly beautiful!

  4. beautiful mix Kai, thank you!

  5. this is amazing from beginning to end,,, playin nonstop on my headphones

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