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Frontier, Running

Colliding Stars Pt. 1” is not easygoing dancefloor fare. And somewhat challenging to incorporate into your everynight dj set. Nonetheless, it’s half rumbling, half stumbling bass excellence is as dazzling a disco spectacle as it gets. Bassarani in your face, as we like to borrow from Running Back captain Gerd Janson. Some of you may very well remember Marco’s version of “I’ll House You” or his Detroit epic “Statostasi”. His mix for Roof.fm is a strong contender for the first place in the category “Straightforward, rolling disco funkyness”. If Rome is a club, let Passarani be our DJ.

ROOF.FM: Marco, what are you doing right now?

MARCO: I’m sitting in a train to Milan. Travelling is something I do a lot these days. I’m touring heavily. Studio work usually keeps me busy early in the week, but this week I’m out everyday.

The last months have seen the release of a handful of Passarani EPs and remixes. Have you been more productive recently?

It’s true that I have a lot of music coming out under the Passarani moniker, and even more stuff under other aliases, but let’s talk about that on another occasion. I’m deejaying and producing full-time now. I finally found a pace I’m content with.


So things have calmed with regard to Final Frontier and your own labels Pigna and Nature?

Yes, the labels are on standby. It’s not over, but that’s that for the moment. That part of the game was causing me more stress than happiness due to the changes in the business system which I couldn’t handle nor really accept. Or maybe my business time has just passed and someone else needs to step up and do it? Who knows. For the time being, the labels are in sleep mode. But surely I can’t tell you at what time the wake up call is going off…

A few years back, you voiced your discontent with the dancefloor climate in Rome. You actually gave it a “Sullen Look”, your thus-entitled album released on Peacefrog. Have things changed?

Well, locally, nothing has changed really. Or maybe it even got worse. What’s different now is that I’m finally just taking care of the music aspect of music business. I left the business aspect behind. I had a way too much romantic vision of the business which didn’t fit with the system anymore. I’m a full time producer and dj now (even if I’m quite missing the labels…) and this saves me from any sullen look.

You have been a DJ for almost twenty years. How goes the DJ business?

It’s actually been 21 years, I suppose. Well, the craft obviously has changed a lot? It did go through so many phases that I can’t even remember. I can only tell you that today I personally feel more excited than ever. The possibilities of djing are quite endless. I think that technology took the experience to another level and, despite the fact of being always labelled as an old school kind of guy, I made this evolution part of my life and I’ve never felt happier. I can DJ now in the way I was dreaming twenty years ago.

When I asked you last summer to do this mix, you couldn’t complete it because of a certain menace…

Well, at the time my studio was under the threat of a local bandit in Rome. I had to take care of my equipment!

But gladly that shadow has passed!

Yeah, in fact this is the first mix I managed to record in the studio by now. For some reasons the dj booth has been installed as the very last item. Sorry if it took ages. The mix is nothing but me messin’ around with my turntables and Serato, my lovely djing partner for five years now. Serato helps me to edit tracks on the fly, without loosing the vinyl feeling. Hope you enjoy it!

The possibilities of djing today are endless. Despite being labelled as an old school GUY, I never felt happier. I can now DJ in the way I was dreaming twenty years ago.



  1. Passarani is a wise man.

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  4. Wonderful mix!!!! Will be great to add the tracks list!!! This is a powerful mix between deep and groove. Thx Marco!

  5. I recommend to my friends to this really nice article and thank you I will always follow

  6. Thanks for the kind words, forklift!

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