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Hour House is
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You should have been there. When Kink & Neville Watson performed a liveset of their jack sounds in March at the Zukunft in Zürich, we were floored. The best liveact we’ve seen in ages, no doubt about it. As for this fine mix, it’s of the deejaying kind, which Neville did for us back in January. Not surprisingly, the man has lived through the rave explosion back in 89, and actually compiled an excellent documentation of these hey-days. But don’t call him an old-school producer: this man is firmly rooted in the here and now. And still has way to go.

ROOF.FM: In the midst of what did we catch you?

NEVILLE: Putting the finishing touches to a track for M<O>S Records.

Say a few words about the mix you did for us.

A selection of tracks from my shelves slung together at home on two Technics and a Pioneer mixer.

In 2009, you released a book with your brother Gavin on the early rave scene. What was your part in the project?

Gavin is a photographer and had wanted us to collaborate on a project for quite some time but for various reasons it hadn’t come together. I approached Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton, they loved the pictures and the rest is (DJ) history.


Do you still experience a similar vibe on the dancefloor?

Of course! Obviously it’s different now after over twenty years but you do still get clubs and crowds that really go for it and let themselves go.

You’re churning out great Chicago House vibes with your Bulgarian soul mate Kink. Got any explanation for the secret of your success?

Ahh, if I knew that I would have applied it a lot sooner. I just think we are very fortunate that we both have a shared vision of how we want our sound to develop and what we want to achieve. I am genuinely grateful that our paths crossed.

What’s coming up next from Neville Watson?

Next week will see the release of my remixes of Coyote – ‘Always’ on Needwant records. Also, I’m finishing off some singles for people and about to start on an album project, as well as starting an album with KiNK for Rush Hour plenty of live gigs and plenty of Djing.


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