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DJ Fett

Sex Tags

In a digitized and uber-scrutinized world of electronic music, there are not many things left to the realm of the mythical. You might call magical the way, the Norwegian label Sex Tags Mania is constantly furthering our consciousness and feeding our appetite for the leftfield, the exquisite, the droll on the house floor. We’re very happy to welcome Moss very own DJ Fett Burger in our midst, who has mixed two bouncy hours of Chicago House by way of Norway, complete with two of his own edits and some mystery tracks. Oh, there are some things left unsaid in electronic music.




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  2. Nice interview and amazing mix..loved the way it starts and finishes with the same track..only in reverse 🙂 I wish they’d repress the ‘Reson’ 12″ i slept on that one…

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