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French touch innovator, weirdo-house prophet, the man who brought us the über-classic “Deep Burnt”: Meet the one and only Pépé Bradock. Very few house producers are held in the sky-high esteem as Julien Auger. For Roof.fm, Monsieur Bradock recorded a rare and truly special mix. In person, he turned out to be a gentle French eccentric. So, a bit like his music is the man himself? Only fitting then that we did an unconventional interview with him. We asked Pépé to verbally improvise to this mix, which is really a selection of personal favourites. Read and listen closely, you might learn a thing or two about the grand riddler Pépé Bradock.

ROOF.FM: The Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Suite (Part 2)?

Pépé: Spreading the love.

Pharoah Sanders: Kazuko (Peace Child)?

Hoping that there is a masterplan…

John Coltrane: Aisha?


Herbie Hancock: Succotash?

Rue Lepic. On th 5th floor. Facing south.

Sun Ra: Love In Outer Space?

Birds, powder, feathers and kindness from space.

Ornette Coleman: Love Life?

Very complicated.

Wes Montgomery: The Other Man’s Grass is Always Greener?

Whistles in the morning.

Al Green?

Dirty violins.

Stanley Jordan: Send One Your Love?

Hacking as a motto.

Ryo Kawasaki: Unknown?

Seventies comfort.

Earth Wind & Fire: Reasons?


Birds, powder, feathers and kindness from space.

Patrice Rushen: Where There Is Love?

Beads. And hot things…

Teddy Pendergrass: Love T.K.O.?

Disco mysteries.

Carolyn Crawford: My Smile Is Just A Frown?

Keep it together.

The Klezmatics: NY Psycho Freylekh?

Congratulations to all brave souls!

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence?


Tomita: Clair de Lune?

Messages from heaven.

Stevie Wonder: Love’s In Need Of Love Today?

My childhood.

Atsuko Yuma: Shikararette?


Asa-Chang & Junray: Hana?

Erotic city.

Satellite: Tonton Fait Du Ski?

Watch out for what’s coming next.




  1. winton tostello

    Thank you guys for making this mix happen. Pepe will always simply stand out and shine both as a creator of fabulous mixes and of course amazing productions.
    I have managed to identify the Rio Kawasaki track:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFcmLPvBVM0

  2. Pepe is marvelous. This mix had me in tears. It clearly demonstrates why he is more than a house producer: he is a great arranger and composer on his own terms. Well worth the time taken to listen…

  3. The Klezmer sections is fucking insane. What a madman

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