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Ly Sander
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Ly Sander is no bystander. Having grown a reputation as one of the truest true-school purveyors of the New York Disco tradition in Switzerland, this humble man has mixed alongside the greats of Nicky Siano, Danny Krivit or Maurice Fulton.  Seven years ago we came across him, enthralled by his liana-swinging track “Bad Monkey”, jointly produced with Geneva’s own Crowdpleaser. Another production with said Crowdpleaser is “XYZ”, whose elegiac sublimeness can still melt down any dancefloor of your choice. And please do check out his latest release for Lausanne label Raoul. His mix for Roof.fm? Suave, funky, full of knowledge. Like we said, Lysander is no bystander.

ROOF.FM: Ena Wadan – Reborn?

Ly Sander: I was lucky enough to meet or befriend several of New York’s legendary DJs. One of the trademarks of these DJs is their ability to share a message with their music, notably by the lyrics. I recorded this mix upon the 15th anniversary of my DJ career. This was kind of a milestone for me, thus the lyrics of this track made perfect sense in that perspective. This mix looks back in some sense, it’s an accomplishment of some and now I’m so looking forward to what’s new coming up!

51 Days – Paper Moon?

There are a few tracks for me that just stand out over the course of time and are totally meaningful almost 20 years later. This is typically one of them alongside a bunch of others such as for instance “Monotone Fantastique” by Melodyboy 2000.  Incidentally both tracks are from 1994. Both are a crazy journey that could go on forever.

Chymera – Curl?

That track at first seems pretty straight forward. It somehow builds up over the course of time bringing some deepness and heart quality to the whole thing.  Crazy Alex from Tokyo introduced me to this track I hadn’t heard upon release.

Karl Dixon – Into the Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)?

This is my incursion into something almost a bit cheesy. As the first track of the mix, this one also made sense here in terms of lyrics. I’ve always tried to build a close relationship with the crowd whenever I mix, displaying a fair amount of playful energy, bringing you down into the valley and up the mountain again… hopefully.

The Carlos Sanched Movement – Love & Respect (Joe Claussel’s Spiritual Healing Mix)?

Gee, that one is hard to mix with its double kicks that don’t overlay. One thing that struck me upon doing this mix and that most specifically comes out in this track is that much of the released material nowadays lacks some sonic quality. This track and others in this mix just have such a bright and wide spectrum of sounds, will definitely make you travel far. I believe every night out should be an experience, not just beats.

Voyage – Point Zero (Danny Krivit unreleased edit)?

This is one of these few classics that I would say are part of the trademarks of my sound. Danny had released a shorter edit of that track upon his Grass Roots compilation some 10 years ago.  This is a longer and unreleased longer version of the edit that he shared with me. Somebody shot a video of me playing that track at like midday on a Sunday at Panorama Bar and people just loosing their mind to this, dancing like monkeys with their hands in the air. The track is 35 years old, but every time I play it it’s a highlight of the night!

Ly Sander Official 2010 (1)

J.E.N. – Afro Maniac?

This is actually an edit of a track by Shina Williams & His African Percussionists called “Agboju Logun” that dates back from 84. A crazy DJ and record dealer from Jersey called Peter Reyes shared this track with me upon a wild night of DJing in his basement a few years back. Peter is little known internationally, but since he hosts at home many of the big names in the business for overnight digging in the crates sessions (I’ve slept in the same bed than Kenny and Dimitri huh), he just receives music from virtually everybody. Peter actually had booked me to DJ on Jersey’s best dance music radio show for Valentine’s Day. I turned it down to go to the restaurant with my girlfriend (and avoid sleeping yet another night in infamous Jersey) and was replaced last minute by Mr. V. Stupidly enough, this made me proud.

Black Joy – Monilola?

DJ Deep released this track on his Deeply Rooted House label a couple of years ago. You’d have a hard time believing that this kind of track could still be produced nowadays. It sounds both modern and old at once it’s kind of out of time, love it.

I PLAYED that track at like midday on a Sunday at Panorama Bar and people lost their mind to IT, dancing like monkeys with their hands in the air.

Third World – Now That We Found Love?

I had to have this track in the mix. As said, I recorded this upon the 15th anniversary of my first paycheck as a DJ and wanted to include this classic that is a trademark of the “New York Disco Club” party that I used to hold where I played a selection of NY’s scene classics. This track was always a highlight and a moment of shared common joy (and singing, you shouldn’t hesitate to give the crowd their chance to sing it if you play it). Some of you may remember that the synth introducing the drum solo had been sampled for MAW’s Kenlou IV back in the 90s, when loop house was happening.

Nick Sole – Never?

Some Dub to finish upon the trippy note around this mix. The first time I was requested to do a remix was of Nick Sole. I was very proud of this request and I had given a lot of energy and time to it as this was to be my first solo release I believe. And just when I finished it, my computer got stolen. Now I have back ups of my stuff…


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