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The Mole
Tomorrow, 7 Inches of

As the sorely missed sun finally smiles back into our faces, here, on a roof (sic), overlooking the old town of Berne, memories fly back: Of a couple of cold ones drunk in the spring sun in Zürich exactly three years ago. How lovely it was chatting to one of the laid-backest guys in the electronic scene. Dude, I’m speaking about El Molito, the artist known as The Mole. Colin de la Plante is clearly one of our favourite producers. He should be knighted for the disturbingly infectious, cavernous offering “For the Lost”, let alone his fanastic 2009 album “As High As the Sky”. We’re proud to have him in our midst. Read The Mole’s hommage to the records record shops. Sunny greetings from the roof!

Bam Bam – Funkyland (Crispin J Glover Mix)?

Found this in the used bins at Disc Union. Thanks to Disc Union!

Losoul – Lies (Freaks Confusion Vocal)

Can’t stop playing this one lately. it’s just so much fun. Been a while since I got it but i’m pretty sure I got it at rotation in montreal when it was still around. Price tag says 14.99$ CAN. Considering how much I used to play it, and the other side ‘Remember Your History’ I  think I got my money’s worth. Thanks to Rotation Montreal!

Recloose – Don’t Get Me Wrong?

What can I say? Recloose. So good. I still have that first one with the tape sandwich on the cover. Great! Got this one at Melting Point. Thanks Melting Point!

Ed (Edwards Dead) – Burning?

Mark E’s label… I dig it. Got this one at Rotation Berlin. Thanks Rotation Berlin!

Daphni – Yes, I know?

What a monster tune. Love the combo of synth and sample. Got this at Spacehall. Sticker’s still on there. Thanks Spacehall!

Gramme – I’ll make it up?

Seeing this now reminds me that I just saw James Chance play in Bordeaux. What a pleasure to see James still rocking it. I hope Gramme would be complimented by this comparison. It is meant in the most high. Got this at Rush Hour. Sticker’s still on it.  Thanks Rush Hour!


Bepu N’Gali – I travel to you (Frisvold & Lindbaek meet Todd Terje uptown)?

How does a guy like me not like International Feel and Norwegians … I can’t help but love em. I was told that the Viking kings would get buried with their ship as a coffin full of all sorts of booty. Was there some sort of disgrace in not dying at sea? I’m not sure. I know that you wouldn’t get into Vahalla unless you died in battle. And once in Vahalla there was an eternal life of play and relaxing and feasts every night. Got this at Oye Records. Thanks Oye!

Locussolus – Gunship?

Like this one so much i bought 2 ! That says it all there… not that I’ve played them at the same time. I just got stuck somewhere without my records. Lost in transit. So i went on a shopping frenzy. Got it a second time without even questioning it. so good. First copy I got at… actually i can’t remember where it was…

The Mole – Bleep Blop Robot?

This one’s just coming out now. Should be in stores by the time this mix hits the interwaves. On Maybe Tomorrow, the new home to many things moley. Check it out at any good record store near you. The virtual ones should have it too. They’ve got everything these days. So how about a what’s up and thanks to all the virtual shops that are getting records to all the places that sadly no longer or never had shops for their fans. Thanks dot.comers!

K.C.C. – Future III (Richard Sen Edit)?

Great reissue. Loves this melody. And so acid. So so acid. Got this at Hardwax. Thank you Hardwax!

the Viking kings were buried with their ship as a coffin full of all sorts of booty. Was IT some sort of disgrace in not dying at sea?

Alcatraz – Give Me Luv

Can’t remember where I got this one. It was used for sure. I hadn’t heard it since back when it came out. When I heard it all the time. It was a big hit in Vancouver at the time. I’m sure it was everywhere. Anyway when I saw it again it was an easy

DJ Rasoul & DJ Buck – Highway One

I think I got this one at the same time as the last one… Because again I can’t remember where it was but it somehow rings the same.

Brommage Dub – Oxide

This one was a gift from my roommate. Thanks chris!!

Ddms – Makers (Hreno & The Mole’s mix)

And this one. Well I guess i’ll just say. Thanks Mike! And Scott! And David! And Chris again!!

Right on. Lots of thanks here. Lots to be thankful for.


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