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Kim Brown
Just Another

Campari Soda or Blackcurrant Jelly? Kim Brown are tastemakers: They elegantly meander through a sonic orchard of the sweet, the bitter and the bittersweet. The Berlin house duo, who surfaced in 2012 with the intensely beautiful track “Camera Moves”, is currently working on an album, which we’re very much looking forward to. Also check out their contribution to the upcoming Permanent Vacation Compilation. And a Rimini Edit. Kim Brown, keep them coming, please.

ROOF.FM: Sad City – Polymath?

KIM BROWN: Dark Chocolate

Be – Move?

Banana Ice Cream

AKRA – Tunnel Vision (Iron Curtis Chant Mix)?

Blackcurrant Jelly

Isolée – Dennis?

Almond Tart

Bicep – Courtside Drama?

Sunday Roast

Rick Wade – Hard Full?


Two Armadillos – Another One For Larry?


Woodcut – Sometimes (Brame Remix)?

Pastrami Sandwich

Deadboy – On Your Mind?

UK is OK

Vernon Felicity – Give Me Back?

Campari Soda

Iron Curtis – Horses Inside My Head (Edit Piafra & Johannes Albert Remix)?

Neukölln Hotpot

Move D – Wanna Do?

Ragout fin

Luca Luzano – Sain On feat. Amirali (Session Victim Remix)?

Piementos de Padrón

Dauwd – Silverse?

Wagyu Beef

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