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A couple of years ago, we wrote that we’re a podcast series “dedicated to raw, rough and rumbling” mixes. Though especially the term “raw” is an adjective bound to hollowness these days as much as “deep” or “analogue”, we stand firm by our principles. Meaning: Lena Willikens’ djing aesthetics rank highly in our raw-o-meter. A Cómeme family member and an “old punk” from Düsseldorf, she made a wicked mix for us. We love it. Victory, Lena Willikens!

ROOF.FM: Lena, how did you join Cómeme?

LENA: That’s typical Cologne cliquishness – I elegantly stumbled my way into it und all of a sudden found myself deejaying at a Cómeme party in Santiago de Chile. I guess that’s how it started. And for a year I have now been producing a monthly radio show called Sentimental Flashback for Radio Cómeme.

I’m an old punk. If something is too straight, to faultless and to smooth, I’m bored to death.

And why did you become a DJ?

Blame it on the Salon des Amateurs! That’s a venue in Düsseldorf. At the time, many thrilling things went down there, there was no other place that played such great music. There really was no alternative in our Kraftwerkprovinz.


That’s where you had your first gigs?

Yes. I so wanted to become part of the Salon, embrace it. Here I could play my odd music that you don’t get to here that often. And nobody bothered if the records weren’t beatmixed properly. But when the nights started to get fuller and longer, I really wanted to know.

You like it cool, dirty, rough. Where does the grit come from?

I’m an old punk. If something is too straight, to faultless and to smooth, I’m easily bored to death. In my book, everything needs to have edges. I love it when there’s a struggle in between instruments going on. And yes, mistakes are cool.


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