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Kejeblos is a man of big taste. A man embracing the wide. Cleverly exhibiting Swiss Afro Boogie gems, Japanese minimal classics, Post-Bossa or subtle Chicago House, this young DJ from Zurich could easily write a doctoral thesis about the art of record digging. As he says himself, being so much into records doesn’t really help him getting his humanities degree finished at the University of Zurich. A protegé of Lexx and Alex Dallas from Club Zukunft and Drumpoet Community, Kejeblos belongs to that invincible circle of friends, whose members CCO, Wavetest and Late Invitation are doing the wickedest Chicago House in Liechtenstein, sorry, Switzerland.

ROOF.FM: Kejeblos, you’re quite the digger. Where did it all begin?

Kejeblos: It started with buying house and techno records a couple of years ago. Then, I wanted to go deeper and learn about the history of these genres, so I bought heaps of old house records and through that I got into disco and so on. Also, some of my friends here in Zurich had quite a big influence on my habits, because they’re heavy diggers, too.

Allow me a peek into your crate: Which treasures have you unearthed recently?

I’m constantly on the hunt for new records across all kinds of genres. Some of my current findings I featured in this mix. On the disco side of things there is a mid-80s highlife/boogie track by Andy Vans which was recorded here in Zurich and another one is the reggae/disco track “Come With Me” by Delroy Williams. As for new stuff, I featured a track by Zurich based producer Kay Zee called “3am 2pm 11am”. It’s superb and I think it should get more attention.


What’s your philosophy as a DJ?

As a DJ I try to be open-minded and spontaneous. I’m not a fan of those endless DJ line-ups nowadays, where every DJ has just a one-hour slot. A DJ needs to build and grow overnight and in order to do so he needs time. Ideally, it’s just one DJ who guides me through the night and takes on different kinds of moods, tempi or genres.

You’re from Liechtenstein, a country with less than 40’000 inhabitants also called the Ländle. Where and when were you initiated to club music?

It actually didn’t happen in Liechtenstein, but across the border in Austria. I got introduced to Detroit techno and house in a small place called Stone Club in Feldkirch, around 2004. The nearly 60 years old club owner is a real Detroit techno lover and has invited people like DJ Bone to play there.

Ideally, it’s just one DJ who guides me through the night and takes on different kinds of moods, tempi or genres.

You’re also part of the Wavetest collective, which has seen releases on Drumpoet Community. Then there was the Late Invitation-Release with Adonis on Mathematics. How did this one come about?

The Late Invitation release on Mathematics happened because Florin Büchel (CCO) got to know Jamal Moss through Myspace and released his first record on the label in 2008. Jamal asked Flo if he knew other people around him doing music, so we sent him some Late Invitation tracks. Late Invitation was initially another live project by Sandro Nardi, David Sele and Roger Szedalik, but without Flo and me. They produced the A2 and the B side track earlier whereas the A1 track you could also call a Wavetest track (produced by Sandro, David, Flo and Me).

Any news in the making?

At the moment we are working on some tracks. An older one should be released within a 4 track compilation on a new Zurich label quite soon.

Are you producing yourself?

Lately I have started to make music myself – but always with the help of my friends. For example there is a track I did with Flo and Sandro which will be released under my name on the same 4 track compilation mentioned above. This track is also featured in the mix I did for Roof.fm.


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