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Prins Thomas calls him the “ultimate O-town DJ”. Indeed, Øyvind Morken is nothing less but an institution in Oslo, his weekly residency letting good vibes fly about town. In a time and age where international DJ bookings and two-hour sets are the standard club fare, the value of a long-standing and inspiring DJ residency cannot be esteemed high enough. Which is exactly this quality that comes through in this fantastic boogie-dub-synth-house mix he did for Roof.fm.

ROOF.FM: You’re a resident DJ at Jaeger. What’s Jaeger like?

Øyvind Morken: Jaeger is the best club in Oslo if you ask me. It has two floors, a basement club which holds 230 people, and a bar upstairs which hold 100 people, and a outside area which holds 200 people. From Easter until mid-october the party goes on outside (and downstairs in the weekends and special nights). The sound system is really good, the staff is super cool and the people who show up are ready to dance and have fun. The crowd is very mixed at my night, from squat hippies to business guys in suits to fashion people to music heads. Just like it should be.

So, what do you usually do after the club closes at 3 am in Oslo?

I usually hassle the bartenders to let me stay and have another drink. Some people go home, some people have afterparties at someone’s house/flat, and every now and then there is an illegal rave. I enjoy playing the graveyard shift at some of them from time to time.

I have DJed naked, and stagedived into bars, done shit like that, but these days I take it easy. Getting older, you know.

At your Untzdag club night, which classic can we always expect to hear from you?

One of the best things with having a weekly residency, is that I get to use my record collection. I try not to play the same stuff week in week out. The playlist is very open, from slow weird 80`s European Synth records to banging techno, loads of house, camp disco, dub or afro records. Everything has it`s place.

Any deejaying adventure you would like to disclose from Untzdag?

What happens at Untzdag, stays at Untzdag. Just kidding. I have DJed naked, and stagedived into bars, done shit like that, but these days I try to take it easy. Getting older, you know.

You debuted earlier this year with “Kakemonsteret” on Prins Thomas’ label. Do you invest a lot of time into your productions?

I work in periods. Some times i can work everyday for a week or two, and then i can stay away for a month. Im not like Terje or Thomas who go at it like a nine to five job. I wish I could, but thats just not the way i work.


Considering that Norway is such a small country, the success of a Norwegian club sound promoted by Todd Terje, Prins Thomas or the Sex Tags Mania crew is striking. What’s your Norwegians’ secret to success?

Not sure, but I think it might be that its not a real scene here, so some people go on and make something without looking to a certain genre or something that’s cool at the moment. There is loads of shit here though. Luckilly, it doesn’t shine through to the outside world.

Where did it all begin for you? With DJ Strangefruit’s radio show? Erot? George Clinton?

I got forced into djing at my local youthclub when I was about 10 or 11 by a older kid, he wanted to go out and smoke cigaretts and make out with his girlfriend. I kind of got hooked straight away. But yeah, Strangefruit, Erot and George all had their moments making me go WOOOOW.

And what’s coming next from you?

I have a track finished for a Full Pupp compilation thats around the corner, another EP. Yeah, and there is a remix, my first one. You can check it out here.



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