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What ghosts inhabit the analogue machines of Massimiliano Pagliara? Conjured up by the turning of knobs, these benign spirits reign our everyday dance floor. Having released his second album last year, Pagliara’s blend of elegant old school electro, crafty italo disco and soul-sparkling Chicago House have turned many ears his way. His return to Live at Robert Johnson saw him sweat out his finest and most versatile work to date. Well worth your listening time. As is this mix here: A tale of shimmering beauty.

Massimigliano, 2014 saw you releasing your sophomore album “With One Another”. Does the album title mirror the joint effort of so many people involved in it’s genesis?

In a way, yes! But the title also reflects the importance of friendship, above many other things in life. In Berlin, I have a big family of friends and each of them is special and important to me in many different ways. Lots of them, also happen to be musicians, producers and DJs, and so I wanted to employ music as one of the deepest connections – if not the deepest – to exchange something special with them.


You’ve been living in Berlin for many years now, right?

Yes, fourteen years. Berlin has certainly had a big impact on me, musically. The intense night life has lead me to meet lots of musicians and DJs and slowly I started to get a feeling for it and I just went for it. I only started with DJing here. Before that I have always loved music and listened to different types of music, but never thought of either making music or DJing up until I moved here.

How did you record this mix?

Like I usually do. It’s a live recording, done in the studio, using two turntables and two CDjs, which means with vinyl and a few digital files. Just what inspired me in that moment. I had a few tracks, like the Vakula one or the Fort Romeau, that I already had in mind since a while. And the rest followed spontaneously.

What’s coming next from Massimigliano Pagliara?

I am currently finishing new EPs and also doing some remixes. So yes, you can definitely expect new tunes coming up soon!

Music allows me to exchange something special with my friends.


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