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Hysteric is a good man. The founder of Melbourne label Mothball Record has been re-issuing some of the most sought after Italo gems. An adventurous DJ and restless digger, George Hysteric crafts always astonishing edits for labels such as Public Possession. Hysteric is currently touring Europe and will play our ROOF.FM under Deconstruction party this Saturday at Kauz in Zürich. For this offering here, he gave us a few insights into the workings of his record collecting mind. Memory and desire, stirring. Always.

1. Shriekback – Faded Flowers

Shriekback’s “The Big Hush” appeared on the Manhunter soundtrack and also at the infamous New York gay club “The Mineshaft “. This track is from the same album and has the same kind of seedy afterhours vibe.

2. Zwischenfall – Sandy Eyes

Melancholic Belgian strangeness remixed in Italy. Sad feelings of nostalgia at the end of Summer.

3. Galaxy Band – Gosh

Really strange song on Full Time Records. Most of their catalog is filled with more “funky” club oriented stuff like Kano, Tom Hooker and Ago. I actually learned about this record a short time ago, proving that there are always more italo-disco tracks to discover even after years of digging through discogs and youtube.

4. The Angels – Seventh Heaven

Very relaxed record from the small Disco Family label, has the same loose and organic feel that I love from early italo like Blackway and Bagarre.

5. Phoebe Cates – Feels So Good (Feels So Right)

Many a hormonal teenage boy fell in love with Phoebe Cates in Gremlins I & II (myself included).
Wasn’t till recently I discovered she also cut an album prior to that in 1982. Most of the album is bad but this one is outstanding.

6. Soul Boy – Baby Blue

Weird one-off, new beat-ish entry on Italian Records label, more famous for new-wave crossovers like Gaznevada and N.O.I.A.

7. Mikado – Quand Viendras-tu

I don’t know too much about this one except for the Japan-France connection, and the unmistakable sleeve of Pierre et Gilles.

8. Niagara – Quand La Ville Dort

I had kinda assumed this was a minor “années quatre-vingt”2 hit in France until I checked the (excellent) videoclip on youtube to discover it had over 2 million views. This featured a lot in the car during a roadtrip through Normandy last year.

9.Maurizio Serafini – Oha….. Oha…..

Random discovery from the Disco Tozzo compilation. With one of the best/worst sleeves.

10. Latin Lover – Laser Dance

This record (with it’s “sexy” picture cover) shows up a lot in Melbourne, I guess it was some kind of nightclub hit here in late 80s. Played at original speed, the song sounds way too fast for me, here’s it’s played on 33.

11. Ruins – Pure Desire

Ruins was amongst the first bands I discovered when I started digging into italo-wave, everything they have done during a long career is interesting, but unfortunately a great deal of it is buried on rare tape-only releases. The band is still active and working on new material.

12. Hart’! – We Are Rebels

Post italo-disco, pre Italo-house. Not sure how to classify this but I like it a lot. The fast edits, strange vocal delivery and weird samples make this one stand out from the flood of late 80s Italian music.

13. Rosy – Brand New Day

I put a lot of time searching through Discogs for overlooked records on smaller labels. Looking for cheap unknown gems like this.

14. Bata Drum – Passion

Hard to find a successful italo-disco duet, (not least one predominantly featuring a flute) but this one is great and features a lot in my bar sets.

15. Messalina – Messalina

Funky Italian track with nonsense, no-wave sounding lyrics on the prolific “Lupus” label. Also noteworthy as it features whistling as the hook. Silly record but very catchy!

16. Marina – Time for Us

Simply a beautiful Italo-disco song. One I didn’t like at first, but then became totally crazy about and had to own.

17. Roland Young – So Very Easy

Without knowing too much about Roland Young previously (shame on me), I had purchased the comp on Palto Flats earlier this year as a package filler. And was very nicely surprised by the whole thing.

18. Vangelis – Amore

Lost soundtrack from Vangelis that only saw the light recently. Vangelis did so much great stuff that it’s honestly hard to pick just one.





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