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Piet Møbler

Piet Møbler is one of the most interesting DJs working today in Switzerland. A prolific explorer of dark musical oddities, his palette ranges from primitive rhythms to industrial breaks and subliminal aural rave fantasies. It is Piet’s subtle narrative sense, however, which ties those unconventional sounds into gripping sets with a strong psychedelic allure. Piet Møbler has been fostering wildly inventive club music with his regular Shifted series at Kraftfeld in his hometown Winterthur.

Your mix strikes us as very well rounded – did you follow any plan doing this mix?

Most of my mixes follow my intuition, really: I compile sounds that fit together and that allow me to tell abstract stories, or more generally speaking, create complex emotions. One reason why I like to record mixes is because they allow a high level of this kind of narrative perfection. The formation of a rough idea of what I would like to create usually starts quite early when planning something new and I can then keep this idea in my mind for weeks or months before I finally record something. But there usually isn’t really a rigid plan as like a theoretical concept which defines the selection. For instance, the 90ies are certainly strong in this mix but it was not the idea to focus on this era, and I didn’t limit myself to it. What probably makes this mix special and perhaps well rounded is that I was building up the mood in very patient and linear fashion, giving a lot of long tracks almost their full playtime.

Any tracks that you’d like to mention?

There’s one track from my friends’ label Lustpoderosa which I’d like to mention: It’s Seven Sisters’ «Sept Sept Sept» from the forthcoming VA «Resist Entropy». Check it out!

What is it that drives you as an artist, as a DJ?

I love to discover new music, dig deep into certain sounds and styles and create new connections, not only on the musical but also on the social side. I like it when scenes mix and experience new influences and I think as a DJ you have some possibilities to help make this happen. I want listeners to enjoy, be challenged and hopefully experience something special. On the personal side, making music allowed me to meet very interesting people and some of them have become good friends.

You belong to a group of dedicated people around Kraftfeld in Winterthur that have been fostering quality vibe for quite a while. Tell us a bit about what makes Kraftfeld a special place.

There are many special aspects about it. Most importantly, Kraftfeld has a very warm and welcoming vibe coming from the staff, the audience and the old industrial architecture which was mantained and formed in a DIY manner over 23 years. There are no bouncers or selectors at the door but instead people look after eachother. That is partly possible because it’s slightly outside of the city’s (bad) party hub and most jerks never even make it to Kraftfeld. I think, for many people that hang out at Kraftfeld, it’s kind of a home. It definitely is for me. It’s a place to feel comfortable at and not only to go to because you want to hear a certain artist or kind of music. Which ultimately provides the bookers and artists quite some freedom. Also, the PA sounds really nice.

What can we expect from Piet Møbler in 2019?

It is all still pretty open – unusually open – and I like that. After some years being very active and pushing the DJ game I enjoy taking some things a bit more relaxed right now. As a promoter, I hope to continue my series «Shifted» at Kraftfeld and elsewhere. Some new collaborations are planned, allowing new configurations in new settings. Nothing that I can tell yet though.

Photo credit: Nina Karina


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