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The  Robert Johnson club near Frankfurt has never shied away from issuing a healthy dose of electronic pioneering. Here, DJ listings were not made publicly known until two years ago, with the intent that there may be no cherry-picking of venues. Here, Matthew Herbert did his “One Club” recordings a while before the Berghain ventured on a similar project. You may even regard their “Live At Robert Johnson” mix series as a high-brow concept, but in the end it comes down to just one thing: great music. Label manager and resident DJ Oliver Hafenbauer is known for his subtly-building house sets, but in his mix for Roof.fm he betrays a strong liking for classic electro. Did we say classic? Futuristic is probably more the case. A good thing to start 2011 anyway. We flung a handful of questions at Oliver, a habit we would like to stick to. Happy new year to all of you!

ROOF.FM: Oliver, your mix mostly contains electro tracks and bears the ominous name “Futuro Mix”. Is the electronic scene gravitating more and more towards this neglected genre?

OLIVER: Definitely! If not the electro-nic scene should change its name.

On account of the sound that label and club owner Ata or acts like Arto Mwambé and Roman Flügel are promoting, you get the sense that you’re very much establishing your very own Robert Johnson aesthetic…

We focus on good music. Music, we like to hear in the club. I guess this is our view on electronic music from Frankfurt.


Your mix also seems to be referencing your musical past. I read somewhere that Warp was a big influence?

I discovered electronic music in the early 90s and was totally fascinated by it. A good friend of mine introduced me to the Warpian stuff, which was my starting point for buying records. Warp was my strongest musical influence and it still remains to this day.

Two of the electro tracks in the mix are from your own B.H.F.V project – what’s behind these four letters?

B.H.F.V is a collaboration with Christian Beisswenger aka CB Funk and one half of Arto Mwambe. The acronym stand for the “barrio” around the Frankfurt main train station where Chris and Ilive. We therein try to capture our own vision of Sci-Fi sounds. The first results of which will be released in February in the “ET 01-06” EP.

What else has Live at Robert Johnson in store for us?

There’s a new Lauer single due next week. We’ll be releasing an album by Massimiliano Pagliara soon. Also, there’s a great new EP by Roman Flügel coming up in May. Good stuff!

We focus on good music. Music, we like to hear in the club.



  1. The interview is a nice addition, thank you Roof.fm!


  3. Merci beaucoup, ma chère!

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  5. ‘Meilensteine 02’ is an unmixed compilation of 27 songs and tracks which had a wide influence on Oliver Hafenbauer.

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