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Norman Nodge
MDR, Ostgut

Berghain, oh, Berghain. World-famous techno venue and club cathedral. Naturally, it’s the raw and uncompromising sound that does it for Norman Nodge here. And so is the mix the lawyer and family father did for us back in 2009, who then had his first record out for Marcel Dettmanns label MDR. Any questions?



  1. Atypic: Blah
  2. Equalized: Equalized # 2
  3. Silent Phase: Meditive Fusion (Kenny Larkin Mix)
  4. Low Low: Low Pressure
  5. User: User 09 -User
  6. Adonis pres. Pop Dell Arte: No Way Back (Nu-Disco Long Player)
  7. Norman Nodge: Attitudes
  8. G-Man: Quo Vadis
  9. Pasta Boys: Moonraker
  10. Najemsworb: Not Only
  11. Gary Martin: Black Forest
  12. Stephen Brown: Jackin Off
  13. Unit Moebius: Let´s Go
  14. DJ ESP: Skip
  15. Christian Bloch: Paradigm
  16. Robert Hood: Loft
  17. Mat Nordstrom: Lucky Drawls
  18. Tyche: Scald
  19. Sub Space: Chain Reaction
  20. The Analogue Cops a.k.a. Xenogears: Uap
  21. Superkord: Untitled
  22. Casey Hogan: Rhythm Arps
  23. Shadow Sync: Cartoon



  1. Phew, pretty hardcore this one..

  2. Yeah, I guess you could call it old-school. Very nice and rough.

  3. sehr cooles set!!!

  4. Right up my street. Thank you Norman and Roof.

  5. maybe reup this and Vakula set?

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