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“It’s a special disco-style, his, ehm, very own Rebolledo sound” says Matias Aguayo of Mexican DJ Rebolledo. We were curious, indeed, after we saw the guy, well, frenetically banging these sticks on a rusty ton in the gorgeous video of “Pitaya Frenesí“.  His mix for ROOF.FM is more than revealing: Rough and jacking, melodic and eccentric. From Grandmaster Flash to Justus Köhncke, it holds an amazingly inspired blend of music. Not surprisingly, the parties at Mauricio Rebolledos own little club TOPAZdeluxe in Monterrey are rumoured to be legendary. Just take a look at the picture. Life must be great playing that guitar under the Mexican disco sky.




  1. Harmonia – Ohrwurm
  2. Closer Music – Closer Dancer
  3. Rebolledo y Daniel Maloso – Colt Seavers
  4. Matias Aguayo – Gui
  5. Hazel Dean – Searching (instrumental)
  6. Diegors & The Don – Como Comerme
  7. Justus Köhncke – Elan
  8. Idjut Boys – Smokin Balls (Main Balls)
  9. Chantal- Chanta 1
  10. GrandMaster Flash & the Furious Five- Scorpio
  11. Rebolledo y Daniel Maloso – De Cierto Desierto
  12. Richard Gateaux – Fetish B
  13. Rebolledo – La Pena


  1. Thanks for this, looks promising.

  2. Thanks for this.

  3. Great mix. A pleasure hearing Closer Dancer again.

  4. Kompakt?

  5. Kompakt, indeed. Rebolledo is teaming up with Superpitcher as the Pachanga Boys on the soon to be released Kompakt compilation “Total 10”.

  6. una vez más, gracias por la pachanga, maestro rebolledo.

  7. como no !!! Rebolledo …. eah, super mix.

  8. lady.veneno

    super set! thanks sr. apache rebolledo..
    you are the one…….

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