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Rob Mello
Disco 45

ROOF.FM owes to Rob Mello. It was probably his penchant for fleshy and bouncing house tracks which led to the unearthing of a long-sought-after gem: Spinning records in a Geneva club some five years ago like a true master, Rob put on the ominous banger I had been looking for ever since the early nineties. Rob told me it was a Masters at Work remix from 1992, their first ever: a simply-wrought, but super-effective cut and not surprisingly a big hit at the Soundfactory Bar at the time. Rob himself has a lot of house history on his hands: A DJ since 1985, he co-produced the first Black Science Orchestra release, was a member of Heaven & Earth, whose fine Prescription EP is now being re-issued by the fantastic Running Back imprint. Right now he is in the process of re-booting Luxury Boot Records, a label he ran with Zaki Dee in the nineties. Also watch out for Mello’s new release coming up on Disco 45.




  1. rockin’ mix, that one… back to the days of the parini tape and the “the dam project” (“i can’t stop, yeah-yeah”). got a listing?

  2. Rob promised me a listing – will be up as soon as I get it.

  3. Excellent mix – look forward to a tracklisting for a few of these

  4. cooles set- thanks bro

  5. Anyone know the name of the first track?

    Greatness this mix.

  6. The track before Jazzy ‘Lonely’, anyone?

  7. Can you give a time stamp of “Lonely”?

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