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Historia y
Violencia, Macro

It has been a good year for Santiago Salazar. While 2009 saw two great releases on Historia y Violencia and the Berlin based Macro Imprint, the man of Underground Resistance fame is not exactly idle at putting together mixes: Following his offerings for mnml ssgs and Little White Earbuds, this is his third podcast in 2009. Don’t miss this one: the Chicano from Los Angeles starts off with Stefan Goldmann’s remix of “Arcade”, then heads into downright techno territory to end up with El Coyote’s excellent “La Luna”, forthcoming on (Santiago’s) Ican label. By the way, Salazar has a remix for DJ Bone in the pipeline and a housy EP coming up on Wallshaker Music.



  1. Santiago Salazar – Arcade (Stefan Goldmann remix) – Macro Recordings
  2. John Tejada/Arian Leviste  – Messenger – Palette Recordings
  3. Matt O’Brien – Dodaso – Off-Key Industries
  4. Silent Servant – Demonstration – Sandwell District
  5. Norman Nodge – Rush – MDR
  6. Jeff Mills – The Fuzz(loophole mix) – Axis Records
  7.  Ben Klock – Pulse – Klockworks
  8. Frozen Border – Frozen Border 02
  9. Scan 7 – Undetectable – Underground Resistance
  10. Palette All -Stars – After School Special – Palette Recordings
  11. Styles of the Abstract – Module – Contact
  12. Mad Mike – Stargate – Underground Resistance
  13. Depeche Mode – Peace(Ben Klock Remix) – Mute
  14. Ben Klock – Gold Rush – Ostgut Ton
  15. Traversable Wormhole – Where 2D meets 3D – Traversable Wormhole
  16. G-Man – Sparticus – Styrax Leaves
  17. Kevin Saunderson – Bassline(Joris Voorn Mix 07) – KMS/Planet E
  18. Kenny Larkin – Bassmode – Planet E19. El Coyote – La Luna – Ican Productions


  1. This just made my day. Nice mix!

  2. дом настроек

    Sick mix – cheers S2!

  3. viva la raza

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