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A term commonly used in Switzerland, the word “Secondo” denominates a migrant’s child, someone who grows up in a country other than this parents did. Radovan Scasiasca was born to his Italian-Serbian parents and raised in Zürich, where he trained to become an architect but later chose to persevere his musical career in London under the monikers Secondo and AM/PM. By his very own method of micro-sampling, Scasiasca is cutting house tracks that build an atmosphere of the beautifully estranged. Secondo’s mix for ROOF.FM is likewise breathtaking, uniting productions from the likes of Harmonious Thelonious, Omar S., Sensorama,  Move D. or the Prescription People.



  1. Harmonious Thelonious – Beiläufige Muziek
  2. Laj and Quakerman – Lust in Space
  3. Secondo – Quantum Lady
  4. Omar-S – D-Foe-Show
  5. Trackheadz – Our Music
  6. Sensorama – Quarzzeit
  7. Deep Sensation – Get Together
  8. Risque 3 – Essence of a Dream
  9. Move D – Heidelberg Gals
  10. Antonelli – Sleeptrack
  11. Chez Damier & Ron Trent – Untitled
  12. Benjamin Brunn – Untitled
  13. Prof Delacroix – Build Her




  1. brilliant! second track anyone?

  2. “Lust in Space” by Laj and Quakerman. I will try to post a tracklist soon.

  3. great mix…quality of this site is top notch..
    check out blog in a similar vein:

  4. thanks!!!

  5. brilliant mix top tunes!

    any clues on the last track?

  6. Lovely mix… just the type of thing i’m, into at present

  7. Tracklist finally up.

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