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DJ Sotofett
Sex Tags

Disco-Renegades. House-Eccentrics. Purveyors of electronic freemasonry. Ok, I might exaggerate a bit here, but the Sex Tags Mania label has been Tagged many things. “They just don’t care”, one fan once said in an interview. Well, they do care, do what they believe in, being die-hard vinyl lovers and all. Ever persistent in their curiosity for new and old sounds, the Norwegians have been running their Bergen-based label since 2004. DJ Sotofett and DJ Fett Burger are also great artists, just have a look at their work. This is a place where the aesthetic of old-school Chicago flyers clashes with black and white mutations of comic heroes of yonder: No wonder their Tag line runs “Graffiti can’t be stopped.”. The mix for Roof.fm by DJ Sotofett is an assemblage of some of their classic house favourites: Be sure not to miss the part where they do their shout-outs in Norwegian.


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