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Tevo Howard

Is Lionel Richie house? You’d probably say no. Make no mistake, Tevo Howard might be the guy to correct you. While pointing out that out-of-towners have strange notions about what house music really means in Chicago. Who was I to argue with him, shovelling down spoonfulls of omelette that windy October evening in a café on Granville Avenue? In any case, Tevo Howard is a very nice man and he has produced some of the most gorgeous, equally raw and elegant house sound of late. For Roof.fm, Tevo very kindly took to the decks. A deejaying newcomer? Anything but that. 14-year old Tevo was quite the spinner back in the days, frequenting Chicago clubs and radio shows around 1990. So, please get down. Let’s call it house-not-house. Or pop house, as Tevo would have it.



  1. Loving the Tevo-mix, the Bolero-edit is just fantastic, what is that!!? This attitude towards music is something I love! I remember, one of my all time top moments in music is Francesco & Marco Passarani playing Ray Davis JR – Ghostbusters Theme at Panoramabar, that was just sublime!

  2. Greatness, this mix*

  3. @Fabian: Former Roof.fm contributor Princess P., whom I met yesterday, shed light on the identity. of the Bolero version. Its by Gino Socchio or Kebelektrik:


  4. Here’s a provisional tracklist:

    1. Unknown artist – Rebirth Records
    2. Tamo Sumo – Promo
    3. Ravel – Bolero (Kebelektrik Remix)
    4. If you love me tonight
    5. Mystery of love- Trax records
    6. Unknown Track
    7. unknown track
    8. Fingers Inc – A path
    9. Telex – Raised by Snakes
    10. Taffy – I love my Radio
    11. Jo Squillo Elektrix – Aventurieri

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